Learn More about D.J. Bettencourt—Salem Public Servant and New Hampshire Scholarship Grantor


Who is Dj Bettencourt? Currently, he’s the New Hampshire Insurance Department’s Deputy Commissioner. He’s also a member of the Budget Committee of Salem, New Hampshire for good measure. He is an experienced public servant with an impressive track record.

To be more specific, he was the former New Hampshire State Representative from 2004 to 2012 and he even served as majority leader from 2010 to 2012. Educationally, he received two bachelor degrees in Political Science and Communications as well as a J.D. from UNH School of Law.

How Dj Bettencourt Is Paying His Blessings Forward

• Wishes to Invest in the Future of NH: After two decades of public service and with his current position as the New Hampshire Insurance Department’s Deputy Commissioner, D.J. wishes to pay his blessings forward for the next generation with his $1,000 scholarship for qualified students who wish to become insurance professionals.

• The D.J. Bettencourt Scholarship for Insurance Professionals: As its title suggests, it’s mainly a scholarship for students who wish to enter the field of insurance. This includes high school students who plan to undergo a degree related to the field or college/university students who are already getting degrees for a future dedicated to insurance plans and coverage.

• Encourages Tourism in New Hampshire and Salem: Dj Bettencourt also uses his blog to promote the more touristy aspects of Salem, NH. According to him, you can go to the Rockingham Park Mall in order to enjoy all sorts of restaurants and stores galore while in Salem. You can also go to the oldest living thing on Earth by visiting the historical white oak tree in Salem.

• More about That White Oak Tree: Yes, it’s true. The heritage site of the Salem White Oak Tree was first planted back in 1662 by the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. It’s now the oldest living thing on the planet (that you can visit), with it proving to be one of Salem’s top tourist attractions visited by people the world over.