Cremation Diamonds: Glistening Tributes to Departed Souls


Dropping someone you love is probably the most difficult things you’ll ever expertise in life. It can be hard to proceed, but keeping your cherished one’s storage is an essential part from the process of recovery. In recent years, memorial diamonds have gained popularity as an easy way to respect and bear in mind anyone who has passed out. These diamonds, which can be created from the ashes of someone close, make for an amazing and unique icon of remembrance.

1. What exactly are cremation diamonds?

cremation diamonds are a type of memorial diamond produced making use of a tiny amount of your cherished one’s ashes. The ashes are transformed into graphite and then subjected to excessive temperature and pressure, resulting in a diamond. The diamond can be created in different colors and carat sizes, and will be established into some jewelry or held as being a keepsake.

2. How is it made?

The procedure of generating cremation diamonds requires a number of steps. Initial, the ashes are purified to get rid of any toxins. Then, the carbon within the ashes is extracted and converted into graphite. The graphite is positioned in a higher-stress, great-temperature unit that copies natural technique of diamond creation. The diamond is then cut and refined to make the preferred size and shape.

3. Why pick a cremation diamond?

There are numerous of factors why people pick cremation diamonds as a way to keep in mind their family. In contrast to standard memorial jewelry, cremation diamonds are produced specifically for your partner, using their ashes. They are a real reminder of the one you love and may be approved down via years. Moreover, they feature a unique and beautiful way to recognition and bear in mind the one you love.

4. Simply how much can they cost?

The cost of a cremation diamond varies depending on a number of factors, including the size and colour of the diamond, as well as the difficulty from the jewelry placing. However, prices generally range between several thousand to tens of thousands of money.

5. In which can you have a cremation diamond?

There are a variety of firms focusing on making cremation diamonds. It’s essential to do your research and discover a respected firm that you simply feel relaxed doing work with. Try to find critiques and customer feedback off their families who have employed the company’s professional services, and request any queries you have before making a choice.


Cremation diamonds are a stunning and different way to bear in mind your family. They provide a tangible reminder of your beloved that can be passed on down through generations. If you’re contemplating a cremation diamond, take the time to analysis companies and find the right one for you. A diamond with ashes can be a beautiful symbol of memories that will help you respect and remember your loved one inside a specific way.