By Dayne Yeager, The Trucking Industry And The Economic Development Of Rural Areas


The trucking business has benefited from economic growth on occasion throughout history. For instance, in the 1940s, the use of trucks to assist in the reconstruction of the areas damaged by World War II led to a shortage of drivers and presented a chance for those who could profit from the circumstance. People who lost their homes and employment due to Hurricane Katrina experienced the same situation, forcing them to find alternative means of support. Many of these families resorted to driving trucks as a means of making ends meet.

The Trucking Industry Is Crucial To The Economy

The trucking sector, which transports 80% of the country’s freight, is the largest employer in the country. According to Dayne Yeager, a truck expert, the industry is also vital to our economy because it transports $7.5 billion worth of products every day. As a result, if you’re traveling on a highway right now, there’s a good chance that some of your rides were provided by a trucker.

The importance of this industry cannot be overstated; without trucks, we wouldn’t have food or clothing or gas for our cars, or even electricity. And yet truckers face an uphill battle when it comes to public perception–and not just because some people don’t trust them enough not to run over pedestrians.

Truck Drivers Are In Demand, But There Are Not Enough Qualified Applicants

Dayne Yeager More qualified drivers are needed in the trucking business. They are leaving a sizable void behind them. Along with this demographic shift, many young people are choosing to stay out of the industry because it can be very stressful and takes long hours, particularly during times of high demand like the holiday season.

To address these issues, some businesses have started providing incentives to those who want to work as professional truck drivers. Large carriers frequently provide signing bonuses and other benefits like health insurance or paid time off, but smaller businesses may provide even more alluring offers like tuition reimbursement.

Trucking Companies Need To Be More Proactive In Recruiting New Drivers

The trucking business must recruit drivers more aggressively. The business must recruit, retain, and motivate drivers. Since 2008, when the recession caused a driver shortage, this has been an issue. Due to this shortage, many firms have struggled to meet demand, deadlines, and customer satisfaction.