Volunteers Needed!

Can you lend us a hand?

The ALIEN NATION EXHIBITION is looking for volunteers, helpers and auxiliaries!We are looking for people who want to be involved in an amazing group exhibition featuring designers, illustrators, artists, photographers and more.

The exhibition will be taking place at Great Western Studios between March 15th and April 16th.

To make this event possible we are looking for volunteers to help with staffing the events (supervising the space, being on the door, serving drinks, possibly helping to install the installations, etc.)

In return for your valuable time,

You will be a fundamental part of this lovely exhibition
You will be working with a wonderful array of people
It’s going to be a great CV-worthy experience!
And, hopefully, you will have an amazing time.

Please contact Jenny if you are interested
[email protected]

(Hand image source: http://www.hemmy.net/2008/04/02/creative-hand-art-photography/)