The Artists

Tatiana Arocha and raised in Columbia, Tatiana moved to New York City in 2000 and has worked there as an art director, designer and animator giving her a broad understanding of the industry as a whole. Collaboration is king for Tatiana and she still works in direction and animation as well as illustration.


Mowgli’s (aka Manuel J Barrio) career to date has been a twisted journey through a vast range of art, design and crafts disciplines.

Mowgli graduated in Scientific and Natural History Illustration at Lancaster University in 1996, the year in which he moved to Madrid to work as a freelance illustrator – while also founding Mix, a workshop specialising in the creation of recycled furniture. Mowgli has lived in London since 1999, where he has worked on projects ranging from web design for Apple to animation for Nintendo Wii, online campaigns for Coca-Cola, and pilot programmes for the BBC. Over the years Mowgli has embarked on numerous video art-related projects. He has VJed and produced visuals for artists like Roisin Murphy, Tynchy Stryder, Above & Beyond, Greg Wilson and Infected Mushroom. He was a finalist at the 2008 Edirol European VJ Challenge held at the London International Music Show, shortlisted in 2009 for the Getty Images Mishmash competition and has had his audiovisual work screened at Kinetika and the BFI in 2010.

Adam Bridgland

Described as ‘your favourite leisure-time artist’, Adam embraces the everyday object, finding inspiration from the colouring book image, travel guidebooks, and scout camping paraphernalia. Kitsch and humorous, yet equally poignant, Adam’s work rejoices in the mundane and is an investigation of the notion that holiday-making is just another ordinary everyday activity and that the holiday is essentially a fantasy that rarely lives up to our expectations.

Since graduating from his Masters in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in 2006, Adam has lived and worked as an artist in London. He has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe, Asia and America. The British Museum, the V&A, UBS, and Debbie Harry are just some of the collectors of Adam’s work. In July 2009, he was awarded his first major public art commission by Futures Community College in Southend and Commissions East. Adam is currently working on a major project for the Courtauld Institute of the Arts for March 2011 and a solo exhibition with Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth in April 2011.

Chris Brown

After studying at the RCA, Christopher assisted Edward Bawden who encouraged him to explore linocutting. During his career Christopher has exhibited at The Royal Academy and the Victoria & Albert Museum and worked extensively in the publishing industry. He lectures at Liverpool School of Art (John Moores University) and at Central Saint Martins in Fashion Design Menswear.

Man Cheung

Man Cheung grew up in a quiet little suburb within Brisbane, Australia. His interest in photography started at an early age due to the influence of his older brother who worked as a cinematographer.

Man now lives and works in London completing and funding his personal projects. Many of his projects currently focus on the subject of communities, the people who live within them, the issues they face, and the identities that are developed.

Man has completed two tertiary degrees in photography, a Bachelors degree in Photography, completing a double major at the Queensland College of Arts, along with a Certificate in Photography at the Southbank Institute of Tafe. His work has been published in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and New York.

Nishant Choksi

The wit and charm of Nishant’s award-winning work, especially his character illustration, has kept him extremely busy at home and abroad working with a diverse range of clients from The Guardian to Vanity Fair, Vodafone to Dyson. He lives and works in Brighton.

Sarah J Coleman

Inkymole, aka Sarah J Coleman, arrived at a full-time career in illustration and lettering via the magical worlds of pirate radio, lecturing, youth work, theatre and local newspapers. Now into her second decade of creating words and pictures for an international client base, she has held solo exhibitions in London, Manhattan and Rhode Island. She works with nibs and paper, inspired by the penmanship of a more elegant era and with a muscular, if pedantic, grasp of the English language. She has wrapped her perma-stained fingers around words and pictures for clients all over the world.

Lizzie Mary Cullen

Lizzie Mary Cullen is a multi award-winning designer based in London. Lizzie graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2008, and has since exhibited internationally in New York, Paris and London, and is represented by Phosphor Art.

One of the design industry’s ‘leading lights’ (Design Week 2010), Lizzie has been featured in various publications and books. She is also a regular contributor to Design Week magazine, and is featured often in many leading design publications.

She is currently working on her new children’s book, alongside her agent Phosphor Art, and with Zizzi Italian Eateries on large-scale murals in their nationwide locations. Clients include MTV, Zizzi restaurant chain, Blueprint magazine, Design Week, Gestalten Publishing, Anova Books, Raw Nerve.

Lizzie is also working with Six String Productions, record label of Tom Felton, star of Harry Potter and musician.

Tim Dobbs

Tim is a copywriter, account planner and all-round problem-wrangler from design agency Clinic London. When he’s not helping them do business, off down the pub, or out with his dog, he reads, and writes and that. Before pitching up in the advertising world, he worked in magazines (Royal Academy, icon) and at BAFTA; before that, he taught languages at a posh school in Cheltenham. (He’s been trying to atone for this ever since.)

Clients he works with include: Turner Broadcasting, Microsoft, CAPCOM, Barclays Bank, Network Rail, and the Society of London Theatre. He recently helped Clinic win the DBA’s Inclusive Design Challenge, and is hoping this will lead to more work with great people and good causes.

Tim moved to London in 2001 – and is still trying to find his way around.
His favourite colour is mice on the Underground.

Production of Tim’s piece has been made possible by Matt Harvey. Matt is an art director, designer, animator, songwriter and musician:

Erica Donovan

Erica Donovan is an artist primarily working within the field of printmaking. She was born in East Sussex and now lives and works in London. After studying Graphic Design at Bath Spa University and working within the professional print sector she completed an MA in printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts, London.

She produces thoughtful work that explores the sharing and digesting of information as well as various decision-making processes. She has most recently exhibited at The Jealous Gallery and The Curwen & New Academy Gallery and is currently undertaking a residency at the Florence Trust.

Sami Fitz

Sami Fitz is an amateur photographer and craft enthusiast. Her passion for crafts has grown over the last few years, a direct effect of moving to London after growing up in the New York City tri-state area. Sami graduated with a BA in Electronic Media and Music at The George Washington University in Washington DC, before starting her career in music television and then moving into design. She likes to describe herself as a ‘punk-rock Martha Stewart without the jail record’ and has ‘disco running through her veins.’ Clients Include: LoveFilm, Turner Media, Fashion Monitor, LCG.


Mike Garland (aka PIKY) artist PIKY is inspired by the aftermath of war and revolution (and underlying themes of sociological, political de/reconstruction)Originally drawn to the fractured urban environments which he encountered in the more subversive quarters of Cuba, Russia, and Eastern Europe, PIKY became intoxicated with these street textures (which he terms ‘the Filth’): a gritty cocktail of revolution, collective memory, alien alphabets and advertising, served up in ad hoc layerings, combinations, and patterns. Today the artist explores this theme by transforming London street ephemera into subversive, satirical, and political art.PIKY’s work brings him into conflict with authority (and the other ‘Filth’): the dynamic act of ‘vandalising’ commercial advertising is the core theatre of his work.He’s also driven by conflict with his alter egos: creating three distinct personae to separate his disparate activities as an artist > graphic designer > art collector/dealer.PIKY usually wins the battle though, and he’s currently planning the next family holiday to Beirut!
Good Wives & Warriors

Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell formed this creative partnership having studied together at Glasgow School of Art. Their experimental, collaborative approach to illustration and installation has led to exhibitions on just about every continent and projects with Adidas, MTV and Comme des Garcons.

Lucy Gough

Lucy Gough is an artist and illustrator who works predominantly in print and photography. She was born in Newmarket, Suffolk and now lives and works in London. She attended Norwich School of Art and Design and graduated in 2002. Since graduating she has been a practising artist and has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally.

Lucy’s most recent work draws inspiration from a variety of sources including architecture, industry and the solar system. The stylised representation of everyday objects and use of hand-drawn type are recurrent themes in her artistic practice. The content of the text varies in its sentiment from poetic to purposeful to playfully ironic.

Lucy Henshaw

Lucy Henshaw is a Copywriter and Concept Come-er Upper-rer at a London creative agency. She was born in Oxford but did most of her growing up in North Norfolk, before heading to Goldsmiths and getting stuck into a BA in Media and Communications – specialising in scriptwriting and film-making. After graduating, she penned radio ads for a few years before spending some time in publishing and then moving into agency land. This is Lucy’s first foray into exhibiting art. Clients include: Barclays, CAPCOM, The FA, Fashion Monitor, The Newspaper Marketing Agency, Turner Media Innovations and Sky Media.

Abigail Hunt

Abigail Hunt has an artistic practice based upon a procession of tasks: the investigative research of an image, the deconstruction of a line, the disablement of form and finally the reconstruction and reconfiguration of the object.

She has shown at Whitechapel Art Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, Platform for Art, London Underground and EAST International. In addition her separate collaborative practice, with artist Kieren Reed involves a direct interaction with audiences within manufactured and suggested situations. Together they have worked on projects with IKON Gallery Birmingham, The New Art Gallery Walsall, The Chisenhale Gallery, Studio Voltaire and the Folkestone Triennial Fringe.

Lee Jackson

L.M. Jackson lives in London with his partner Joanne. His first book, London Dust, was shortlisted for the Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award. He is fascinated by the social history of Victorian London and spends much of his time on the ongoing development of his website

Simon James

Simon James (born 1969, Yorkshire, England) is a London-based photographer who specialises in portraiture for advertising, design, music, travel and editorial.

Awards include; Finalist in the London Photographic Awards (LPA) 2003, Best In Show in the Association Of Photographers Open 2005, Highly Recommended in the LPA 2006, and Finalist in the Royal Photographic Society International Print Competition 2006.

Simon had a solo exhibition in Ireland with ‘Elements’ at The Cultivate Gallery, Dublin (2005) and has featured in awards exhibitions and group shows, both nationally and internationally.

With a sympathetic approach, the overarching theme in Simon’s work is the exploration of identity and individuality.

Chris Kasch

One of our Kingston graduates, Chris Kasch’s work draws stylistic parallels with 60s and 70s popular culture but with a highly contemporary edge that separates it from the retro. His highly detailed, instantly recognisable aesthetic has been used by Sony Music, Rolling Stone and Vogue.

Laura Krikke

Laura Krikke is a visual artist/cultural anthropologist who has created animations, illustrations and installations for exhibitions, events and screenings in New York, Rome, Banff (Canada), London, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Zagreb.

Laura has curated several large group exhibitions in Australia and is currently working on releasing a brand of monster toys and several light installations in London and on the UK festival circuit. See the original monsters at

Tina Mansuwan

Tina grew up in Bangkok, Brunei, Stockholm and London. She studied at Saint Martins and came to CIA’s attention when she was commissioned to illustrate some spellbinding Peter Pan posters for the V&A Theatre Museum that used to be our neighbour in Covent Garden. Now back in Bangkok she’s inspired by Central Asian and Russian folk art, Japanese graphics and anything pink or green!

Clare Melinsky

Clare has lived in Dumfries and Galloway for 30 years where, at the first hint of sunshine, she abandons her 150-year-old printing press for the garden to mulch, snip and hoe, or contemplate the strawberry bed. But when the sun’s gone in she lino-cuts for commissions from Royal Mail postage stamps to 80-metre murals and has re-covered the entire works of Shakespeare for Penguin.

Trevor Mill
Trevor Mill has been painting since his teens and still hasn’t used up that tube of lemon yellow yet.

The works are usually in oils but have incorporated human hair, coffee, coins, pollyfilla and cigarettes when needed. His influences are John Berger, Francis Bacon, Picasso, Irving Penn and David Bowie.

His usual subjects are portraits of people, as the human face is by far the most interesting thing for another human to look at. Occasionally he’s been known to paint pigs, horses and swans too. He tries to paint things that photography doesn’t capture well, the sense of the time it took to paint hopefully comes through, as well as texture playing an important part in the object.

Trevor has exhibited at least two works a year in SquareArt at Golden Square since 2005. (He even got second prize in 2008.)

He also had a solo show at Freud’s in Oxford in 1992 which had 32 paintings/sculptures, and one of his paintings reached the last 60 of the NPG’s portrait award out of around 2000 artworks.

Michelle Mulholland

Michelle Mulholland is a designer and illustrator who moved to London from Australia 3 years ago to escape the spiders.

She studied Fine Art at Queensland University of Technology, where she developed an interest in graphic design and now makes stuff mostly with the aid of a computer, but also still with real stuff like paint in her spare time.

In the past she has been involved in various group exhibitions, created installations, designed decor for album launches and parties, illustrated billboards and done a painting for a War Child Fund fundraiser. More commercially she has worked with clients including Coke, Diageo, Vodafone, Nintendo, World Wildlife Fund, Sony and McDonalds.

She now lives in Hackney and would one day like to own a whippet.

Nigel Owen

One of our many Saint Martins’ graduates, Nigel has been illustrating for over 15 years, originally using the traditional crafts of painting and printmaking before moving his operation onto the computer and reassembling his textural aesthetic onscreen. Nigel is also a senior lecturer on the fantastic illustration BA at Falmouth.

Erika Pal

Erika was born in Budapest, and spent her childhood behind the Iron Curtain. Not as bad as it sounds, because she experienced the freedom of spending her summers at her grandparents’ house in the countryside.

She has been drawing since the age of 2. When she grew up, she worked for a few years at an animation film studio in Hungary, and then settled in the UK. Erika graduated in 2007 from Kingston University, London with an honours degree in Animation and Illustration.

Based in London, she is currently working as a freelance illustrator. Her picture books are published by Frances Lincoln Publishers.

Wendy Plovmand

Wendy was born and studied in Denmark, graduating with an MA from its Design School in 2001. From there she co-founded the Danish design studio Underwerket and has studied further in London, Paris and New York. Her clients include Selfridges, Philip van Heusen and the Guardian and she regularly exhibits in London and Europe.

Ulla Puuggaard began studying just before computer technology became the dominant tool in design education and therefore adopted the root principles of typography and illustration with pen and ink. Image making is her chosen mode of communication and she thrives on the interaction involved in visual problem solving. Based in London, Copenhagen and NYC, Ulla is part of the Big Orange Studio Collective, is the Art Director for S-Magazine and her clients include The New Yorker, Comme des Garcons and Vodafone.
Kieren Reed Reed takes an interest in the relationship between functioning and non-functioning objects – the real and the fabricated. Though often concerned with mechanism, his practice encompasses research, sculpture, performance, and installation, from studies in the form to the production of architectural structures.Currently working on large-scale commissions for the 2010 Whitstable Biennale, Kieren has recently shown at Art Futures, Contemporary Art Society, Bloomberg Space, London as well as having solo shows at Ritter Zarnet, London and at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight.He also works in collaboration with artist Abigail Hunt on pieces that involve direct interaction with audiences within manufactured and suggested situations. Together they have worked on projects with IKON gallery Birmingham, The New Art Gallery Walsall, The Chisenhale Gallery, Studio Voltaire and the Folkestone Triennial Fringe.Simon Spilsbury

Simon is primarily an exponent of line, the quality of which his commissioners have described as spontaneous, energetic, quirky, inherently humorous, adaptable and elegant. One enthusiastic New York Art Director said ‘Spilsbury’s drawings always jump off the page and bite me on the ass.’ Quite good if you’re trying to reach an audience!

Reginald Starkey

After studying French in Paris, Law in London and Advertising Writing at Watford, Reg Starkey joined KMP as a copywriter, moving to Y&R as a scriptwriter working on P&G and Heinz. A former President of the Creative Circle in London and a winner of a Reader’s Digest paper-clip-sculpture prize, Reg’s commercial work has been recognised with various national and international awards. Early on, he also published a collection of poems entitled ‘The Weekend Artist’ and a short story entitled ‘Poker for Matchsticks.’

More recently, he has published a coffee-table book of industry celebrity interviews called ‘Samples of One’ and a book of photography of ‘The Old Covent Garden Market’. Currently, he has an entry in the Sunday Times Short Story competition entitled ‘Step 13’. Now freelance, Reg has run creative workshops in London and Sydney and speaks in schools on ‘How to make a small fortune gambling. (Start with a large one!)’

Adam Tiernan Thomas

Adam Tiernan Thomas was born in Dublin fair city and stayed there for a whole 6 months before moving to the UK and living in North Wales and Lancashire before finally settling in London.

Adam’s first project was a journey around Europe with a mate on a motorbike, where, on a limited budget and with his first camera, he documented the trip with one photograph per location. The results encouraged him to document many aspects of life and really determined his style!

Adam’s latest exhibition, In The City! , was a collaboration with David Boulogne, a French photographer living in London, taking the Square Mile and shooting it from an outsiders’ perspective, and toured a number of venues. He has now got 3 more projects in the pipeline waiting to go!

Inbetween artistic collaborations, Adam has worked on various photographic assignments for diverse clients such as JamesBrownLondon, The Sunday Times, ES Magazine, Blueprint Magazine, London Records, St Lukes, Lilt, Burger King, Technetix, Urban Stone Clothing, Gas Blue Jeans, Estee Lauder, Sony Playstation, Yahoo!, Accor, MBA.

Adam is married and he and his wife live in Church End, a small enclave of northwest London, in between Willesden and Harlesden.

Ed Ward

Edward Ward is a freelance illustrator who works in pen and ink and pencil. He was born in Great Yarmouth in 1976 and studied Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London and has spent the last 12 years eking out a meagre survival in a selection of dangerous housing in London.

Edward’s work has appeared in the Guardian Guide, Time Out and The Scotsman as well as in several other publications and exhibitions.

Joseph Wood

Joseph Wood currently practices as a freelance Illustrator and creative image maker. He was born in Malvern and after recently graduating is now based in London. Joseph studied Illustration at the university of Brighton where he developed a way of working which predominately focused on carefully composed analogue and digital collage.

His work draws inspiration sporadically from a range of sources, which he is always trying to widen and develop as he believes this is what gives great richness to collage work.

Subsequent to graduating he has been featured in the graduated section of Wallpaper* magazine and has completed commissions for Annalemma magazine. He loves gold, triangles, myths and will be striving to further perfect his practice.